• Copywriting

    Copywriting is one of the most important elements to a strong online presence — and to growing profits. Your ad or website copy should deliver a call-to-action and induce potential clients to seek out your service or product. Good copy sells. A great copywriter is persuasive. She understands your audience, and knows how to trigger… [Continue Reading]

  • Travel Copywriting

    Please visit my niche site, The Travel Copywriter, for more on my travel copywriting services. The Great Recession has hit tourism hard, making your website an even more essential marketing tool than it once was. Effective travel copywriting isn’t about the hard sell; it appeals to emotion while acknowledging a traveler’s practical concerns. It answers… [Continue Reading]

    Travel Copywriting
  • Business Blogging

    Yes, your company really does need a blog — and a well written and regularly updated one at that. Here are a few good reasons why blogging is important for any business: 1. A business blog drives traffic to your website. Simply put, the search engines love to see fresh, unique content. Your company webpage… [Continue Reading]

    Business Blogging
  • Translation

    A good translator is fluent in both English and Spanish, but translates only into her native language. An excellent translator understands not just words, but the culture and subtle flavor of each phrase. I translate only from Spanish to English, but I can contract native Spanish speakers to skillfully translate from English to Spanish. I… [Continue Reading]

  • Contact

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries. I would be happy to discuss your project needs and to provide a customized quote. I have legal working rights both in the United States and Costa Rica. Please note that I work strictly as a telecommuter. I am available during business hours for… [Continue Reading]