Costa Rica Translation

A good translator is fluent in both English and Spanish, but translates only into her native language. An excellent translator understands not just words, but the culture and subtle flavor of each phrase. I translate only from Spanish to English, but I can contract native Spanish speakers to skillfully translate from English to Spanish.

I graduated from one of the USA’s top universities in 2005, then moved to Costa Rica in 2007. Over the years, I have integrated the Spanish language and Latin American culture into my life. Esoteric grammar, bring it on. Colloquial idioms, los capto sin problema — and I know their English-language counterparts, even when the two aren’t word-for-word equivalents. And when it comes to cultural or conceptual translations — how to communicate ideas like aguinaldo, estrenar, or madrugar — I am up to the task.

I have been working as a professional translator since 2008. I specialize in tourism and travel translations, as well as ad copy, fiction and nonfiction books, and legal, financial, and other business translation.

Your webcopy, business material, or prose deserve the best. In the words of the great Pablo Picasso, “La acción es la clave fundamental de todo éxito.” Take action today.

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